Alfonso Bonfanti

Hi, my name is Alfonso and I work in the field of industrial mechanics as CAD Designer since the early ’90s.
Thanks to a far-sighted father who saw the potential at their dawn, at home I never missed a computer that I used to program in BASIC, and (especially) to play!

Having always been fond of fantasy literature, role playing games and board games, I have been fortunate enough to meet my wife at the beginning of the twentieth century, who has taken my passion, has amplified it to the power of the other, making me know, Among other things, both Tommaso and Riccardo.

Of Verrix I was a curious spectator of the first idea sketches first, Alpha tester then scraped it, and finally I became involved in 360 degrees. A challenge I do not want to miss!


Tommaso R. Ceglia

Hi, I’m Tommaso, I’m working in financial IT as a functional analyst since 1990, I’ve written some articles on magazines in the Lasertag industry where I’m an active player and I’ve been chairman of a Lasertag sports association.

I have organized events such as treasure hunt, team games, theme parties and I’m one of the authors of Verrix.

I love my wife, my daughter, movies, books, history, geography and clearly the play world!

I fighting for my ideas but listening to the tips and comments. The dream in the drawer: working in the world of games.


Riccardo Corti

My name is Riccardo and I work in the IT world since 1997, even though it seems to me yesterday when I was handing over the first print to read as high as the Lord of the Rings book!

I love TV series, books, football, and all that sore around the gaming universe: Lasertag, role playing games and especially board games are my passion that tirelessly grows also thanks to an exceptional wife.

The idea of Verrix is the daughter of my story and the attempt to take a new path to “be fully engaged with what is being done here and now is the real secret of life. And instead of calling it work, realize that it’s a game.