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Hi Friends! 

Here we are with an update about Verrix “work in progress”.

2 Players version (works closed)

We confirm that the 2-player version is consolidated and has passed our test phases, so we can consider it closed and an integral part of the new basic version of Verrix.

About the advanced version , that can have an automaton tribe, we can tell you that we are in the testing phase but the results obtained so far are very satisfactory.

Tabletopia (works suspended)

As the actual version has been created with the old graphics we have been forced to stop working on it waiting for the new graphic design, in order to be aligned with the 2 player version

At the moment we have therefore suspended this activity, pending the completion of the new graphic design.

New Graphics (works started) 

As we had anticipated we evaluated many artists trying to find someone who could give vitality and a new character to Verrix, and finally we are therefore very happy to introduce you the new team that will take care of the graphic sector:

  • for the Illustrations section, Landscapes, Goods and Characters, the task is assigned to Thomas McLean
  • for the Graphic Concept section, Boards, Cards, Tokens and Box, we hope we’ll be able to formalize the name after Modena Play 2019 fair.

If you want a preview of the work in progress, have a look on the Artstation page of Thomas to understand what you can expect from the new Verrix!

Ciao Amici!

Eccoci qui ad aggiornarvi sui “cantieri” che riguardano Verrix.

Versione a 2 Giocatori  (cantiere chiuso)

Vi confermiamo che la versione a 2 giocatori è consolidata ed ha superato le nostre fasi di test, per cui possiamo ritenerla chiusa e parte integrante della nuova versione base di Verrix.

Per quanto riguarda la versione avanzata che potrà avere una tribù automa possiamo dirvi che siamo in fase di test ma che i risultati finora ottenuti sono molto soddisfacenti.

Tabletopia (cantiere sospeso) 

La versione pronta per una partita a 3 giocatori utilizza la vecchia grafica di gioco e non è allineata con i necessari bilanciamenti che abbiamo introdotto per la versione a 2 giocatori.  

Al momento abbiamo quindi sospeso questa attività in attesa di avere completato in particolare la nuova veste grafica.  

Nuova grafica (cantiere avviato)  

Come vi avevamo anticipato abbiamo valutato molti artisti per poter trovare qualcuno che riuscisse a dare vivacità ed un nuovo carattere a Verrix, siamo perciò molto felici di presentarvi la nuova squadra che si occuperà del comparto grafico:

  • per la sezione Illustrazioni, paesaggi, beni e personaggi, il compito è assegnato a Thomas McLean
  • per la sezione Concept Grafico, plance, carte, tasselli e scatola, speriamo di poter ufficializzare il nome dopo Modena Play 2019.

Come anticipazione dei lavori in corso vi rimandiamo alla pagina di Artstation di Thomas per poter capire cosa aspettarvi dal nuovo Verrix!

Campaign cancelled… but Verrix will be back!

Yesterday, day number 13 of our KS Verrix campaign, after an analysis of our trend and results up to now, we realized that probably we are not achieving the funding goal, as well as the stretch goals we`ve planned for a package and brand improvement of Verrix.

So we are now facing a tough, but important and essential decision: we decided to stop the campaign.

We strongly believe in Verrix, and in his quality, but we have not been able to present it in the best way, that`s the reason why we decided to keep on working hard on it, in order to come back to you with a better project than the one you already appreciated so much.

So, see you soon, and thanks a lot for all your support, appreciation and affection you showed us during this period. Stay tuned!



Live on Kickstarter

Finally Verrix is on kickstarter!

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Verrix soon on Kickstarter

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Verrix on BGG

From today you can see the Verrix page on boardgamesgeek too, if you like Verrix and want to start help us, a vote is forever 😁 (do not overdo it I recommend 😉)

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